2-room Endoscope reprocessing concept in Eilenburg

We just completed and successfully handed over to the customer a new 2-room concept for the reprocessing unit of flexible endoscopes in the Eilenburg clinic of the Kreiskrankenhaus Delitzsch GmbH.

Contaminated devices can be transferred "dirty" to the reprocessing department directly after use via a transfer cabinet. On the dirty side, we integrated a hygienic hand washing station with ergonomic, large and flat pre-cleaning sinks which include an automated detergent mixing unit and corresponding storage space.

The empty, wipe-disinfected transport trays are transferred directly to the clean side through a transfer area.

The cleaned and disinfected equipment required for the examination is then passed to the examination rooms via a "clean" transfer cabinet, without leaving the clean side of the reprocessing area.

This concept, which was presented to the user by Lischka GmbH, met great approval from the staff and the hygiene department, since a closed cycle was made possible without additional travel and transport time. In addition, in the event of a worst-case scenario and the failure of the RDG-E, the departement can keep operating hygienically.